The most effective temporary roofing solutions on the market.

The Wraproof method is applicable to all types of roof systems, no matter the material, size or complexity of the roof.

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We secure failed roof systems from causing further damage with our patented leak-free solution. Our Wraproof product is heatshrinked to float slightly above the roof surface, prevents mold, is vented, easily inspected, easily removed and ensures that the roof is fully functioning and leak-free. We work quickly to secure your roof today and prevent your property from further damage with our 1 year leak free warranty.

We use the most effective membrane available that we created, start to finish specifically for roofing that will protect your property until you find the permanent solution.

Wraproof has a one year leak-free warranty after install. Made to be more slip resistant, and has a longer UV protection than any other 12 mil shrink membrane on the market.

You only need to mitigate the damages once with our Wraproof solution, saving you thousands of dollars and allowing you to remain in your property while protecting it from further damage.